Best Ceiling Options for Your Office

No matter what kind of design you do for your office, the ceiling plays a big part in expression of the design.

Here are a few types of ceiling you could use for your office

Acoustic Ceiling

They offer high sound absorption properties and thus suitable for sound control and noise reduction. In open plan offices, they work well as unwanted noise related to employees being loud in conversations as they do their discussions for work takes over. Acoustic ceiling is great for collaborative spaces. They provide the right balance for employees to concentrate by themselves and collaborate when there is need without distracting each other.

There are several types of acoustic ceiling and they include:

Acoustic Ceiling Grids​ (Photo: Arktura site)

Open Cell Suspended Ceiling (Photo: Armstrong)

Dropped Ceiling

Suspended Ceiling (Photo: USG True)

T-Bar Ceiling (Photo: GB&D Magazine)

Gypsum Ceiling

Gypsum board, often referred to as flush plaster ceilings, is favored for ceilings because of its elegant, clean and simple finish. Gypsum boards create a continuous surface suitable for most contemporary interior designs.

During construction, they are easy to install and are known to be economical. In use for offices, they isolate sound well and are durable.

Gypsum boards are known to be fire resistant and this is a plus in protection from fire elements that may occur from time to time.

For high end finishes, you can have the following types of ceiling finishes using gypsum:

Gypsum Ceiling (Photo: Foor Nature)

Plaster ceiling with shadow line detail (Photo: Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries)

Bulkhead on exposed soffit (Photo:

Flush plaster bulkhead (Photo: Pelican Systems)

Wood/ Timber Clad Ceiling

Wood ceilings bring in warmth to the office in which they are fitted. For high-end office finishes, the use of natural wood shows sophistication and beauty. The canopies, planks and panels used in different parts of the office are available in standard, custom and one-of-a-kind options depending on your needs.

Wood ceiling is a great thermal and sound insulator and has near zero maintenance. You can play around with different shades and colours to introduce more light in the office and also make it look warmer.

Timber clad ceiling (Photo: Archiscene)

For a high-end finish, real timber is used for the ceiling finishes with knotty alder, wormy apple, cherry, walnut and oak leading the pack.

For mid-budget ceiling finishes, you can use wrot hardwood and mahogany. As well as luxury vinyl panel (LVT)

For budget ceiling finishes, you have options of cypress as timber.

For an environmental factor, bamboo ceilings are leading the way as they are not only economical & sustainable, but they have one of the highest acoustic and thermal properties out of the natural materials

Wall Paper and Paint on Ceiling

Cool color paints can be used to bring life to the office once contrasted with the walls. The ceiling may also stand out with great wallpapers to bring texture to a plain ceiling.

Wall paper on ceiling (Photo: HGTV)

Painted ceiling with industrial look (Photo: Theo Sunset Bay)

Let’s talk about your office design

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