5 Emerging Trends That Will Change Your Office Design in 2018

Redesigning your office may not come as a top priority in your things to do in 2018, but it should. In the current business landscape, office design matters as it not only plays a role as a valued symbol for employees but also supports the commercial strategy for companies to serve their clients.

In this article, you will take a look at emerging trends you may or not be aware of and how they play a part in stimulating innovative work processes and broadcasting particular set of company values.


Technological advancements in workplaces have revolutionized the way we work. Connectivity, big data and artificial intelligence have made advancements in workplace design.

Ease of connectivity has increased popularity of flexible work schedule and this will see a drop in use of designated workstations. Employees working from laptops are increasingly moving away from their desks and also working away from workplaces.

Space utilization at work needs to match up the employees’ behavior. The trend is having increased collaborative areas to encourage idea pollination.


Research shows that employees value workplaces that are designed with people in mind. That is, the office space should reflect the values they have and also accelerate performance.

Young employees between 20-35 years value flexibility, choice and experience. Having an office design that matches their needs fuels the retention of those already working and attracts talent in the needed areas across the company.

The experience at the workplace will influence productivity of staff, catalyze cultural shifts and determine the quality of corporate strategy. Millenials perceive space as an extension of themselves and thus office design that is engaging and keeps them connected (through social collaboration tools for example) will attract and retain them.

Co-working and Private Offices

In the recent years, there has been a surge of co-working spaces highly influenced by tech companies like Google that thrive on reframing problems at work by combining unlike ideas.

Though this has been good for some industries, it has been found through research that private offices are still preferred. The main reason for this is that co-working spaces, though very good for bouncing and testing ideas, are a big distraction. Productivity has been seen to decline for most employees and that has caused concern on execution of corporate strategy.

You need to design your office considering these factors to fuel innovation and creativity in the workplace. Providing both spaces could be the way to go about it.

New Workers Expectations

Advancements in technology will highly influence how workspaces are managed. Artificial intelligence will increasingly automate tasks, which are process driven giving way for distinction of more creative, design and development roles and create new jobs and types of workers.

New workers will push for workplace user experience as a priority for any organization. This means higher specification core locations will be used to attract right skills and expertise.

For your office design, apart from ensuring connectivity through technology, access to amenities also influences office design and location. In the office, this means coffee areas for breaks, flexible meeting areas, game rooms, nursing areas, training rooms. For location, being near restaurants, shopping areas and good transport services are things new workers will be looking out for.


Companies will have to re-think where, when and how their employees work in 2018.

There will be an increase of consumer and shareholder awareness of the social and environmental responsibility of companies. The growing pressures on linking human activity with climate change will increase and push for legislation to limit greenhouse emissions.

Workplaces will further be looking at reducing energy consumption and greenhouse emissions through improving buildings and office designs. Practices around recycling, re-use and telecommuting (so as to reduce commuter foot print including travel by air) will increase.

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