7 Factors You Should Consider When Choosing The Right Office Interior Designer

Interior design is a craft that makes interior spaces functional, safe and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items that make a space capture cultural values and vibrate emotions that lead to productivity at work.

In office interior design, the workflows and behavior of employees at work is also put into consideration when planning and designing workspaces.

Choosing an office interior designer to refurbish or build your new office can be a time consuming process. Not anymore.

In this article, you will find detailed factors to look at so you can find an office interior designer who will produce a design tailor made for your specific needs that match the style of your company and culture.


This is a priority when choosing an office interior designer. The office you would like to design and build should have a long life span thus getting the right company for the job will save you headaches of projecting and delivering the needs you have for your workplace.

The interior designer needs to have the following:

  • Creativity

  • Good color sense and eye detail

  • Good communication and listening skills

  • An aptitude for illustrations and technical drawing

  • Express problem-solving skills

  • An excellent understanding of building construction

When scouting, you can find out what unique capabilities the office interior designer has apart from what is listed above. You can ask for referrals to see and get feedback about the skillset that the office interior designer has. The size and capacity of the projects handled by the office interior designer gives you an insight in his experience.

Quality of Work

You can go ahead and do a quick browse on the company website to see what work they have partaken in related to interior design. On a further step when you meet the interior designer, you may ask for a portfolio or ask to visit the sites, which they have previously done. This will give you a deeper outlook on the craftsmanship and thought process in designing workplaces. You can also ask for 3D floor plans and elevation to assess the quality expectation.


This is quite a valuable asset for an office interior designer. Asking for references from your colleagues or better yet from the previous clients your potential interior designer has worked with will help you in gauging the way he works. This will help in increasing confidence in the quality of work and great customer service expected.

Good Understanding of Workplaces

Office interior design goes beyond making spaces functional. It needs a good understanding of what makes a workplace.

The office interior designer will be able to elaborate how employee engagement and productivity are affected by different elements such as lighting and air circulation. When it comes to spacing, he should be able to advise on utilization of workspaces and amenities.


Interior design is a major step in a bigger project. You will probably look for other services that will help in executing the workplace project. Having an office interior designer who can help you source for the other services would help in sourcing the service you may need faster. His strong network of subcontractors and adequate staff to handle the project is definitely a plus you need.

On-time delivery

Undertaking refurbishments or setting up a new office is an expensive venture. Time is a big cost that affects revenues and employee productivity due to construction processes taking place.

A good office interior designer should give you project estimates that can help in gauging the timelines where you can go to full operation on the workplace. Do further research on policies and guarantees that will affect timelines.

The former clients of the office interior designer may give you a clue on time delivery of office interior designer’s project and what to expect.


Your budget will determine how much you can do with an office interior designer. There is nothing wrong with dreaming big but keep in mind every aspect you ask for is a cost.

It is important to note that planning ahead of time will ease the project process. Do not compromise on the quality by taking cheap quotations. Hiring an office interior designer may seem costly but be sure he will guide you best in not only in executing your vision but also in counting the cost of your dream workplace.

In conclusion, there are no design ideas that are out of this world that a good office designer cannot be able to incorporate in your workplace. With office design, remember to do your research using the resources you have.

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