Haussmann design and build team use turnkey solutions to work on new offices, extensions and refurbishments offering full services as may be needed by the client.

Our design and build process has 3 main stages which include:


  • Pre-construction Assessment: We learn about your business through conducting research on your industry, goals, vision, financial realities current and future facility needs. This helps in projecting the scope of work, which is also undertaken by our architects and engineers in reviewing all aspects of the site in question.

  • Architectural Design: Our team has an understanding of your business and financial needs, project schedule, job site and facility architecture. Here we design preliminary drawings and work to produce cost estimates throughout the project design phase.

  • Construction and Fit Out: This stage is done concurrently with design. We have our construction team and material vendors who will provide quality standards for your project. We also adhere to International Safety Standards when undertaking our projects.

The benefits you will experience with this one-stop-shop for your commercial project include:


  • Rapid delivery as design and construction happens concurrently.


  • Smooth process as we eliminate the headaches you are bond to go through in case you work with a number of contractors and suppliers for your project.


  • Better solutions and value: we show you more options that will help you in making better-informed decisions through the process.


  • Better communication: All team members are on the same page from start to finish of the project. We use a collaborative approach in our day to day running of business and align your interests and vision to our work ethic.

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