The Design Brief


Haussmann Group is a Workplace Solutions Company in East Africa working with international companies aiming to increase business growth through inspiring employee engagement and productivity. We offer design-build services for new and refurbishment of offices, retail and in hospitality.

The Company Purpose

To build a sustainable future for Africa by creating innovative & collaborative spaces.

The Company Core Values

  • Agile

  • Bold Entrepreneurs

  • Glocal

  • Innovative

  • Customer Centric

  • Passion

Design Guidelines

Utilising concepts such as the Workplace360 concept, we require a collaborative design space that incorporates a wide range of workstations and having presence of technology on all the spaces. We would like to reiterate Haussmann Group’s corporate values by creating an elegant and technological design that reinforces brand’s image and its link with Kenya.


The Design Challenge


Through your submission, you are being challenged to demonstrate your capability to produce an award-winning design for a space that will be used by the design company. You must incorporate biophilic & sustainable designs into the project.

We would like to reiterate Haussmann Group’s corporate values by creating an elegant and technological design that reinforce brand’s image and its link with its location, Kenya.

Work will be judged on innovation, design concept, problem solving and clarity.


Further Guidelines

  1. The office has to be practical above all else, allowing for plenty of storage, collaboration areas and meeting spaces

  2. It also needs to feel like a “home away from home”



  • Functional desking for 20 staff members (minimum) with 50% of desking being hot desks

    • 1 x CEO in Open Plan

    • 1 x Chief of Staff

    • 2 x Finance

    • 4 x Design

    • 2 x Marketing

    • 2 x Sales

    • 1 x HR

    • 1 x Reception/Front of House

    • 1 x Chief of Operations

    • 6 x growth

  • Meetings rooms

  • Boardrooms

  • Cafeteria

  • Samples Library

  • Closed off printing area

Here is the Floor Plan in RVT and  Floor Plan in CAD File for your drawing.


The Deliverables


  • SUMMARY – a well-articulated, written summary, no more than one A4 page in length with a minimum of 12-point font, single-spaced. Please include the following information: the design problem, project constraints, your concept, design approach and your solution.

  • VISUALS – Six to eight A3 pages that include sketches & drawings necessary to graphically communicate your design approach and solution. Each page can have single or multiple images depending on what you, the designer, are trying to convey. Both the essay and visuals should be carefully edited to concisely articulate your design. Carefully consider that projects are being juried without a verbal explanation. Remember to take into account the legibility of text and images formatted to an A3 sheet in landscape format

  • TIME LINE – All material must be received by 16th March 2018, 11.59p.m (GMT +3). Only winners will be notified. 

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